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The Heart of America Quilt began on September 13th 2001 with the intent to help Maine children find a means to convey their support while recovering from the most tragic event in their history. Within weeks the quilt started receiving panels from many other states and countries wishing to take part in the project because of its unique way of uniting everyone, regardless of race, religion or age. In its early stages to reach children and give them a means to feel helpful over helpless, it became evident that it was not just the children that needed to feel the unity and healing. It was our Nation, our World that needed that unity.

The quilt now boasts involvement from all 50 of the United States and many other countries, including Canada, France, England, Switzerland, South Africa, Ireland, India, Iraq and Germany. The quilt, that began as a simple and small project from Maine, is now over 19,000 sq. ft. of fabric in the form of a United States Flag. The Quilt holds tens of thousands of signatures from all over the world. The Quilt travels the country for displays, bringing the communities together and thanking first responders, military, organizations, children, political leaders and all other community members for working together to make their community a better place.

The Heart of America Quilt is dedicated to unite in honor of those affected by 9/11 and to educate children and the public about current events, history and uniting for community service.

The goal of the Quilt is to demonstrate the unity of this great nation in the form of a U.S. Flag whose white stripes are made up of panels from individuals, organizations and government agencies, and to serve as a reminder of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our freedoms.

The goal of our educational program is to create a more enlightened world by establishing and maintaining a national level education program directed at creating greater awareness and involvement among citizens, beginning with children, and in community involvement with group communications at the Federal, State and Local levels.

Board of Directors:
Susan Morissette - President/Executive DirectorRead Susan's Letter
Susan founded the Heart of America Quilt with her family on Sept. 13th 2001 and serves as the President and Executive Director. She brings with her over 10 years of experience in the field of sociology with a strong back ground in communications and public relations. Her work with the Heart of America Quilt was recognized by the Point of Light Foundation when they honored her as a National Daily Point of Light. Susan is also a Certified Education Technician and a delegate for the Nonprofit Congress, an initiative of the National Council of Nonprofit Associations.
Colonel K. Steven Collier
Steve is a 1977 Graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point New York. He brings with him 24 years of Command and Staff experience with the United States Army. He retired as Director of the US Army Model Simulation Office at the Pentagon in April of 2001. He has a BS degree with a Concentration in Civil Engineering and an MS in Systems Analysis. In 1998, he completed a Senior Research Fellowship at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas. He is an ISO 9002 Certified Project Management Professional. Since Nov 2001, Steve has served as President of Liquidmetal® Defense and has his own company supporting Boeing and NASA in the management of large programs.
Tamera Selhaver
Tamera worked in the Comptroller’s Office at Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) for 7 years before leaving the government in 1998 to work as a Web Developer & Systems Analyst for Lloyd Lamont Designs. In 2000, she moved to a Senior Web Developer position with Titan Corporation. On 911, she was working at the Pentagon for the Army G-1 and was among the more fortunate in her office to survive. Because of her contributions and efforts before, during and after 911, she has earned several awards. These awards include a certificate of Appreciation from the Army G-1, LTG John Le Moyne, Jul 02, a coin from the Chief of the G-1 Plans, Resources, and Operations, Sep 02; and a coin from the Chief of the G-1 Information Management, Sep 01. Her most valued recognition though is a Memorandum of Appreciation from the Chief of Army Retirement Services, Apr 01. The Chief, MSG Max Beilke (Ret), was killed on 911, along with his Deputy LTC Gary F. Smith (Ret).
Jean Rosenbluth
Jean brings with her 20 years’ of experience as an Executive Assistant at the University of Maryland. She left the President’s Office in 1984 to join the B. F. Saul Companies as Mr. Saul’s executive assistant. In 1986, she married William Rosenbluth and, together, they founded Automotive Systems Analysis, Inc., in Reston, VA, a forensic investigative firm for automotive product liability litigation, where she has worked as the Office Manager since that time. Jean Graduated from Husson College, Bangor, ME in June, 1962 and received a Certificate of Management from the University of Maryland in June, 1977.
Mike Doyle, MHRM, SPHR
Mike retired from the Navy in 2007 as a Master Chief Petty Officer with over 30 years of service. In August 2004 he graduated from Webster University with a Masters of Arts in Human Resources Management. He received a Bachelor of Science in Business and Management in January 1992 from the University of Maryland and a Professional Certificate in Total Quality Management from Hawaii Pacific University in January 1993. Additionally, Mike serves as our web and information advisor.
Honorable Doug Belden - Tax Collector, Hillsborough County, Florida
NCCM(SW/AW) Kevin Sullivan, USN - HoAQ Sponsorship and Fundraising Advisor
John A. Hill, SGM, U.S. Army Retired - Military Business Development Executive, Regis Univ - Fundraising Advisor
Mr. Robert Wade, USMC Retired - Fundraising Advisor
Mr. Michael Midura - Fundraising Advisor
Mr. Mark D. Faram - HoAQ Public Relations Advisor
Phil Vyce, Pioneer Services, HoAQ PR/ Marketing Advisor
Linda Robertson - HoAQ Political Advisor
Keff Dolan - HoAQ Media Advisor
Mark Archer - Delpadre Productions, HoAQ Technical Advisor
Jim Hobson - Partner, Carbon-Collective, Inc., HoAQ Computer Applications Advisor
Brian DeLoatche - Tyson's Corner Marriott, HoAQ Personal Advisor to the Executive Director
Yarnell Johnson - Front Desk Manager Tyson's Corner Marriott, HoAQ Hospitality Advisor
Dr. Habib Frahmand - HoAQ International Advisor
John R. Williams II, CFP - Tower Square Securities Incorporated, A member of Citigroup
Kelly Williams, CFO - Tower Square Securities Incorporated, A member of Citigroup
Capt. Benjamin - US Airways
Capt. Harry C. Hopkins III - NREMT-P - Washington Metro Airports Authority, DC
Rick L. Root - Assistant to the General President, IUPAT

Honorary Advisors:
Major General John W. Libby - Honorary Advisor
Linda Rapacki - New York Merchentile Exchange (NYMEX)

National Community Service Education Project Advisors:
Mount Merici Student Advisory Board
Teacher Leader - Mrs. Russo
Student Advisors:
Corey Achramowicz
Devika Agrawal
Jerome Amurao
Brianna Bernier
Melanie Bureau
Aidan Calkins
Madeleine Chisum
Justin Cruz
Sage Duguay
River Garling
Emily Hofgren
Mary LeClair
John-Peter Michaud
Madalyn Minot
Nicholas Murray
Nathaniel Rector
Alison Theberge
Nicole Violette

For current Positions available at the Heart of America Quilt please contact Admin@HeartofAmericaQuilt.org. Be advised that when joining the Heart of America Quilt Staff, we adhere to these values in all our affairs:

· RESPECT: Treating others, as we want to be treated. Accepting all persons for their unique gifts and needs. Believing in the inherent worth and sacredness of each person.
· INTEGRITY: Seeking to effect wholeness in all our relationships – individually and organizationally. Keeping our word, and being faithful to who we say we are.
· COMPASSION: Caring and comforting in a personalized manner through our presence.
· HOSPITALITY: Welcoming all, to an environment of dignity and a sense of being “one”.
· EXCELLENCE: Consistently aiming to achieve highest quality outcomes while striving for innovation, collaboration and continuous quality improvement.
· STEWARDSHIP: Making use of all our human, material, environmental and financial resources in a responsible and accountable manner.

Heart of America Quilt is committed to promoting community service and unity in the memory of those lost on 9/11 and during the continuing war on terror. To that end, it is of the utmost importance that our Directors and Advisors reflect the best characteristics of honor, integrity and ethics.

Heart of America Quilt Honors volunteers with

President’s Volunteer Service Award