Out of The Ashes
It is with Heart felt thanks and great pride that the Heart of America Quilt announces the availability of the finest piece of 9/11 art. Kenneth Richard Turner has created a visual to engulf the emotion of 9/11 in a way no other could.
Kenneth Richard Turner

Out of The Ashes
Copyright 2002 Kenneth R. Turner Original Oil, 40"x50"
In the collection of Randy Dean.

Lithographs are printed on the finest quality paper.
Gi'clees are printed on a specially prepared canvas with archival ink to last for generations.
The artist can personally retouch the Gi'clee with oil paint and add portraits or figures for an additional fee. Please allow for additional delivery time when retouching or adding a portrait to a Gi'clee.

Lithographs 24"x30"
In January of 2003, Directors Jean Rosenbluth, Tamera Selhaver and Susan Morissette, President of HoAQ, stood in awe at the Gi'clee before them in Reagan National Airport. Tears streamed down their faces. They remembered the pain of 9/11 in many ways. For Susan and Jean, the pain of a nation. For Tamera, the pain of lost comrades and her survival that day. But the unity of the people, the rising from the ashes, the AMERICAN way makes the story complete.

Kenneth R. Turner has graciously donated Two wonderful Lithographs to benefit the Heart of America Quilt.