Heart of America Quilt
General Guidelines -- Panel Instructions
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Please adhere to these simple guidelines in order to help
us maintain the uniformity of the panels of the quilt. 

   Please use FABRIC MARKERS only for names. Pens and
    non fabric markers will smudge and run.
    (We recommend fabric mate by Yasutomo)
   Do not touch spaces that have been recently written
    on, they will smudge.
   The school or organization as a whole may choose to
    write a saying, prayer, poem, or do art work in the
    center. Any durable medium will work
    (embroidery, fabric paint, quilting).
   Be sure the cloth has a piece of cardboard or felt
    under it before writing, the markers will go through
    onto clothing.
   Please be careful to make sure hands are clean before
    handling, this quilt has a long journey to take.
   Fabric must be 100% white cotton, a heavy weave is
    great for durability.
   45" by 45"
   Please keep 1/2 inch around the edge for seem
   Please be sure to include your school and community
    name on the panel (city and state).
   When complete please mail to:

		Heart of America Quilt
		7 First Street
		Winslow Maine 04901