From Our Friends in India

M. R. Hubert
Shabnam Resources
Indo American Unity Center
5.Buddha Street
Madras 600024

Dear brethren


I am forwarding the photo taken during solidarity meeting for the brothers and sisters affected by Katrina. We wanted to show our love and concern to the ones who have lost Their relatives, properties, homes and hope. Our prayers are their with them always, our children stand their to show their concern on holding the light of hope and we pray and believe sooner the new Orleans, Louisiana, and Alabama would become the beautiful forever. At this juncture I wanted to mention this, you have always been generous and kind to help our ongoing charity programs for the orphaned children, mentally challenged children and other poverty alleviation programs. What I would request you all to help in some way to affected ones in this disaster of Katrina. My heart goes all the way to help something, I am offering my prayers and good wishes along with the children for the people in Katrina catastrophe to reel back to their normal lives. Thanks and regards

M. R. Hubert