August 2002 Newsletter
I hope this note finds you all well.

As always I have so much to tell you about the happenings of the Quilt. How I will ever minimize such a joy filled month!

Plans - The plans for the Quit this month and in up coming months are filling up. August 23rd 2002 we will be showing the Quilt at a Company in Waterville Maine. The Hathaway Shirt Company is Americaís oldest shirt company (est. 1837). Steve Clark (President) told me how Hathaway made uniforms for the Civil war. Amazing that such a part of history would host us for a service to unite and honor. I also had the privilege to speak at Hathaway recently. I have to tell you to walk through a company of around 300 people, watching them work; and have the chance to learn about them was an experience I will never forget. I met with these wonderful people, told them of all your hard work and explained how each and every name and panel make this Quilt what it is. They have begun signing their panel and will join with us to honor. The showing will be held from 2:45 to 4:45 with a wonderful service to include our national anthem and a procession of panels laid in place by local fireman, police, school children and such. Youíre all invited!

Our next showing will be held at St. Joseph school in Danbury Connecticut. This will take place Sept. 9th 2002. We are very excited to meet with the children. I have been told that they all know the national anthem and we may get them all to sing it. For that I will bring a box of tissues! For those of you that will be in the area, we are working on having a small social at a local hotel the evening before (Sept. 8th). If you would be interested please let me know so I can arrange for space needed.

Make A Difference Day is just around the corner. We have registered with their website and any of you who would like to do a public signing that day (Oct. 26th 2002) let me know and I will get you a news release, public announcement and list you on their site.

Great help - I recently did one of my mailings to invite people to join in. I was fortunate to contact a Mike Gormalley a national director of the VFW. Mike passed my email across the country! Through that email we have signed up so many people! The ladies auxiliary has been wonderful with helping to get the word out, creating panels, and a unbelievable show of support. Il., Mich., Del., Fl., the list goes on! Itís unbelievable the courage they have shown and all they have given for their country, yet still more they give!

I also got connected to the Industrial Fabric Association International. What a great group they are! They have added a story about the Quilt to there website and have been so helpful with contacts and guidance. Renee from IAFI has been so helpful and thinks I may need a break from the computer! Itís great to meet such superb people!

The Quilt is nearing 7,000sq,ft.. We have added many pictures to the site and I will be adding more after I write this. Panels are still coming in and within the next few months many more panels are on their way. I will be meeting with Kevin from FDNY to receive their panel, I will be receiving the United States Military Academy - class of 1977 panel, and the panel from G1 at the Pentagon from Tamera. Tamera sent me a picture we will be adding to the site. Itís a picture of Mc Gruff the crime dog, signing their panel! How neat!

Story -

My story for the month is that of our youth. Yes kids these days! I am asked often where my energy comes from. Some have said maybe I am sneaking my childrenís Flintstone vitamins (the purple ones). I have to say, I have met my match and have been exceeded. In Pembroke Pines Fl. A young lady named Dharmini contacted me to become a part of the Quilt. This 17 yr old Senior is in two National Honor Societies; she is taking summer college courses and is working on a benefit to take place in Dec. So her panel has turned into 10, her town, fire dept. police dept. and yes her Governorís office are all involved. This little Ball of energy is an excellent example of our future leaders. Dharmini has shown me great spirit and determination. She is a go getter, uniting her school and community. She emails often and gives energy to the Quilt that radiates. We are a fortunate country to have Dharmini and all the other young adults that have united with this quilt. There are many and each and everyone is a wonderful asset to the Heart of America Quilt, their community, and America!

Keep the panels coming! Thank you all for your hard work and constant support. Keep me posted and let me know if I can help!

Joy to you all,


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