August 2003 Newsletter
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HoAQ Newsletter

August 2003

Volume 2, Number 2



"in all we do, we give a part of ourselves, it is a great gift to join together ourselves as the gift."







We are uniting our country as a great show of honor. Our success depends on:

  • Great people like YOU
  • Donations
  • A continued show of unity

Staying in Touch

I hope this note finds you all well. Often as I sit to write to you all, I am overwhelmed with having to minimize such abundance of people’s goodness. I wish I could compact all that I have seen into a small space and mention all the names and groups that move me and this project. As I sit to write you from the warmth of a Maine summer, I am ecstatic to tell you the HoAQ now has panels from ALL 50 Untied States. The excitement is added to by the 14 other countries that have contributed as well. As this year has sped by, the quilt has been shown in VA, Maine and Florida. We have spanned the eastern seaboard and my mailbox is full of requests from so many other states. It has turned into a tiger that has roared its way into many people’s hearts. I have told you all from the start that this is OUR unity. By the emails I have received and the calls, the common desire is everyone wants to see the quilt So, with this in mind, we have devised a few plans to consider so more people can see the quilt and more communities can unite. Museum touring and a showing budget is in the works.

I was recently asked how I am able to remember things about ALL the people involved with this gift. I couldn’t help but smile. When you work for the greatest people in the world, you can’t help but remember things they say, or how their family is, or what they did too bring their community closer together. From the student in Florida who gave a part of her summer to the showing there, or the boy scout in VA that held my hand because I told him I was scared to speak, or here in Maine when the elected leaders came out in unity and stood without party as one. I know how fortunate I am. When we work on the panels, remembering who they are for, we know we are all blessed to be alive. We are fortunate to be a part of this great country that we have all taken part in creating. So yes, I have to remember a little about each of you, As I speak about you, I am able to pass on the greatness you all add to the journey. Thank you all for your hard work and constant support.



Incorporation status

Heart of America Quilt Incorporated is a corporation in the state of Maine. We are a non profit public entity. At present we are in the process of seeking our 501(c) 3 status. This Status is sought from the IRS so we can offer tax deductibility to our donors. We are not registered in any state for solicitations as of yet.

The Directors of the Heart of America Quilt are: Susan Morissette, Co-Founder Colonel Steve Collier, US Army retired Tamera Selhaver, Survivor, G1 Pentagon Honorary, Jean Rosenbluth, Business Manager, Automotive Systems Analysis

An advisors list is being compiled. For more information or to offer your services and advice, please email,


This is the hard part……so far the quilt has been kept afloat by a few donations, event collections and everyone pulling together. We are at a very crucial point in the making of the quilt. Funding for the completed project is a must. Each panel to be uniform and finished will cost the HoAQ near $20. I know this seems high but when you consider that it has been designed to be removable, displayable and able to travel, the cost is low. Then we have to consider the caretaking of all these pieces of history and the cost this will incur. Now $20 seems small right? We have over 600 that have been counted and logged and we are still going through packages. We have come this far with a great show of unity; Americans from all walks of life, all age groups, all races, religions and income levels. Now is the time for us to consider how we may be able to contribute to the finished product.

While we wait for our 501(c) 3, which will allow us to seek grants and business donations, we are left to the kindness of ourselves.

The website has a page with information on donating and donations can be mailed to HoAQ, 7 First St., Winslow Maine 04901

In Kind Needs

An in kind donation is anyone making a donation of product or service. That may be a donation of office supplies, expert consultation, fabric, equipment, anything a business needs to conduct its business. Anyone who is willing to donate their service, product or time would be much appreciated.




Here’s a few ways to help unite your community:


  1. Organize a public signing to take place on Make a Difference Day.
  2. Call your local town officials and ask them to sign a panel with your organization.

  4. Have an art contest and let the winner be the designer of your panel.
  5. Invite your neighbors to a gathering and all do a portion of the quilt.
  6. Call your local YMCA and ask them to put one in their lobby.
  7. Take a panel to the mall!
  8. Ask a local event if you can bring a panel and a table.













Heart of America Quilt Incorporated





We’re on the Web!

www. HeartofAmericaQuilt. com

The people we meet…..

This month, a woman from New Mexico, Mary, took the coat off her back and gave it to me. It is designed with 9/11 fabric and embroidered with Heart of America Quilt. It’s funny because I know she wants me to wear it, but I feel like I should frame it for all the hard work she put into it. She is what this country is about; Mary is what makes my job so wonderful. I love the jacket; it is truly one of a kind. But her love for our country and her genuine love for her fellow man is a great gift she gives to all. She had flown from NM to Tampa to visit family and arranged her trip so she would be there with me during the showing. I was blessed to spend a day with her, that day will last my life time. Some how in that short time she gave me insight on how when you give, you truly receive. I felt like she was my biggest fan. The truth is I am hers. Mary is not only our NM rep. for the HoAQ, she is an angel that I was blessed with the honor to meet.

In Manchester NJ the town gathered for a unity service. They created panels for the HoAQ. In Manchester there is a family, which was on the cell phone with their daughter when the tower she was in came down. I know it is hard to hear. It brings me to tears each time. On the panel are 4 candles. Each candle represents a flight. I knew that and the people from Manchester knew that, but they feared no one else would know. On the candles they wrote the flight names. As they looked, they realized it was a very special panel, a story to add, the candles said- American, United, American, United. See while we are a great diverse nation, we are one nation. Through the HoAQ we are able to teach and be a part of the great unity that makes us one nation.

The 4th of July was amazing as I stood on stage with many wonderful people. For me to be with a survivor from the WTC and the Pentagon along with a director from VA, I was moved to point beyond words. With that emotion was the fact that behind us stood state reps. That had come from both parties to unite, beside us Sen. Susan Collins, Gen. Libby and LTC Chejka. Next to me stood Jean Rosenbluth and Tamera Selhaver who traveled from Virginia to be a part of this event. I was proud and grateful for their and their families support and hard work. We stood united in my small town for the heroes we have lost and the gift we are giving.


There are so many stories to tell and we are looking into writing a book with pictures of panels and the stories that go with them. Email us and tell us what you think!


Future Plans

The future of the quilt lies in the desire of the people. This desire through our contact with you all is a desire to see and be a part of. While we continue to receive emails of people asking to take part, we also receive many asking for a showing in their area. We are still working on raising the funds for the completed quilt; we are able to do showings with the quilt set up as a puzzle. At this time we are working to on a tour via museums for the quilt to travel in small form (5,000sq.ft.). We can do 4 in the country at any given time. We’re working on the details and will let you all know as they firm up. Our hardest situation right now is funding. We have all worked so hard to get the quilt to a huge size. We have worked with team work like no other we have seen. As we await the 501 (c) 3, we will be working hard with others to set up contacts with and prepare for grants and donations.

A few showings are in the works. Those showings are paid for by those requesting them. For showing costs, please contact us.

Due to lack of funding we will be showing the quilt here in Maine on the weekend following 9/11. We will be showing a portion at the Freeport Freedom Festival on September 14th 2003. We are working hard to be able to show the quilt at the Mall in DC for 9/11/04. Please contact us about how you can help.

On September 11th you all have been invited to Freeport Maine to wave flags with the town. Elaine Greene has organized this and asked that I invite you all!

For speaking engagements, information can be obtained by emailing or calling the info provided below.

Special Thank You

So many people have taken part in the last few months. I can in no way name them all. Elected leaders from VA, ME, and FL. all joined at each showing to become part of the unity. As always, our armed forces and first responders were by the quilts side, other organizations and most important the children.

A Special thank you this month goes out to MOSI of Tampa Florida, Winslow 4th of July committee, Sheridan Corp., Holiday Inn Waterville Maine, Best Western All Suite Near USF Tampa Florida, Governors restaurant, Angelo’s, and too many people to list. The directors of the Heart of America Quilt have all worked very hard this year to show the quilt in their areas and help spread the unity of the gift you all have created.


To Susan Belaus’ daughter for her award of a textile scholarship. Susan thinks it was the work done helping with the quilt. We here at the HoAQ think it’s because she is a great kid and worked hard for it!

To our Director Steve Collier for being named an everyday Hero in the Tampa Tribune.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact us. Heart of America Quilt Incorporated 7 First St. Winslow Maine 04901 is our mailing address. At this time there is no public visiting time. For email, please contact and you can always visit our website at

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