December 2002 Newsletter
Hope this note finds you all well. Here in the northeast we await the snow so we can start wishing for spring.

The holiday season has been great with panels arriving daily. I still sit in aww at all your hard work and dedication to this project. Just yesterday I received two panels from a Radio station in Texas. Along with the panels was a greeting of happy holidays to us all. They asked listeners to come to the station and sign the panels. They also asked for them to leave a donation if they could. They raised enough money to have those panels quilted and prepared for the quilt. Many of you have been asking the cost for the panels to be prepared so you can contribute. I have researched many avenues. My conclusion is that each panel will cost $20 to have readied for placement on the quilt. This will include batting, sewing and Velcro. Those wishing to donate can do so by mailing your check or money order (made out to Heart of America Quilt Inc.) to Heart of America Quilt, 7 First St., Winslow Maine 04901 or electronically by going to the donate now page on the website and using your credit card.

As the benefits are being organized and the conclusion of the making of the quilt becomes near, I am faced with the challenge of asking people to give money for the unity we have created to be displayed in the glory it is deserving of. I have been working with the lawyer and accountant to learn and understand the legal aspects as well as their guidance on asking for the funds. I must say that this has been the hardest part of the project for me. A recent conversation with the accountant was an eye opener. He said, “You take great pride in this gift and all the people that have taken part. We have to raise the money for the wrapping paper and gift tag.” A neat way to look at it and that bit of oomphhhh to get it done. So in Feb. we will start raising funds for the quilt at a fundraiser in VA. We have a great crew working on this event. I can’t wait to write you and tell you all about their hard work and the unity they have created to help make this happen. If any of you in that area would like information about helping to organize or being there for the benefit, please let me know.

Also if anyone is interested in helping with a benefit or showing please contact me. We are looking to do one in the NY area and have been asked to Lubbock Texas and LA. If you contact me I will get back to you with the details of what needs to be done to make it happen.

My story for this month is about emails I receive. I received one from a school this month. The note said thank you for sharing about all the neat people you meet. It was a kind note, one of the ones that moves me with energy like not even my coffee cup can do. I sat back in my chair and thought of each person, from the first call and email to this present point. The children, the teachers, the business owners, the organizations, the people from all over who want to help create unity to honor. I can’t think of a single person that hasn’t been amazing through it all. Sometimes I start answering emails and I may even get one that says, “Sorry to bother you” My word! This is our project, our gift. You all are the energy behind the words I type, the speeches I give and the greatest people of the entire world. I believe this full heartedly. You all have worked hard for this quilt. Not one of us has done this for ourselves. I know the first public signing I did; I was trying to get the panel filled up. As people rolled over to sign and the panel filled, I then realized what a gift it was. Each hand that touches it, each community uniting for it, together becomes healed and healing. Many times I have said” I am but one person, one signature”. Together with the great people that make up the Heart of America Quilt we have created a visual to show unity as our support for those that where affected and those that continue to pursue our freedom. EACH person is needed to make this what it is. EACH person is so significant. When I was doing the showing in Connecticut way back in Aug. a young girl and her mother came up to me and asked for a picture of all of us together. The mother said “this is so important to her.” The young girl then looked at me and said “this is the greatest day of my life” I knelt down to her and hugged her. I then looked her in the eye and said back to her “meeting you makes this one of the greatest days of my life”. It’s that little girl, the scout troop in PA, the schools across the country, the VFW ladies from all over America, the Service men and women, the people that help with the showings, the benefit teams, the volunteers and helpers all over the world. That is the Heart of America Quilt. When I speak with reporters I tell them before I get started, to tell me when to hush. I can’t help but want to brag about each of you.

The holidays are a great time of reflection for me. A new year beginning. The rewards and gifts I receive all year with my conversations with you all is enough to send old man winter packing! Thank you all for being who you are. May the New Year bless you with the joy you have shared so freely with others. Your light shines bright upon our society.

Joy to you all,


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