December 2003 Newsletter
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HoAQ Newsletter

December 2003

Volume 2, Number 4



"together as nation we celebrate the holiday season, the spirit of the unity not the division of uniqueness"







We are uniting our country as a great show of honor. Our success depends on:

  • Great people like YOU
  • Donations
  • A continued show of unity

Staying in Touch

I hope this note finds you all well. The Maine air is chilling and our winter snow has blanketed the frozen landscape. Here at the quilt we are focused on the two showings planned for the year. In September our largest showing yet, New York City! In October we plan to visit New Mexico for the International Balloon Fiesta. New York is undoubtedly taking much work and focus. Our showing will be displayed for all of New York to see. Our service is being planned with the invite list to include the President of the United States, General Franks, New York state and local leaders, other organizations that have dedicated so much time and energy to the betterment of our Country and those so effected by 9/11. I’m sure with out a doubt, no matter who attends; it will be a space in time that could keep Kleenex in business. The pride will be displaying your panels for all to see. And knowing, some of the world’s greatest and kind people have taken part in this project. New York will feel the unity and care created for them. They will feel the warmth of this quilt wrapped around their very hearts. Thank you for your hard work and constant care in never forgetting those that have lost their lives, and for helping to heal those left behind. Thank you most of all for your work in making sure that the unity we have created for them, lasts far into the future.



Incorporation status

Heart of America Quilt Incorporated is a corporation in the state of Maine. We are a non profit public entity. At present we have filed for 501(c) 3 status. They have received the papers and asked a few changes to our bylaws be made. We are working to have those changes back to them by 12/13/2003.

The Directors of the Heart of America Quilt: Susan Morissette, Co-Founder Colonel Steve Collier, US Army retired Tamera Selhaver, Survivor, G1 Pentagon Honorary, Jean Rosenbluth, Business Manager, Automotive Systems Analysis

An advisors list is being compiled. For more information or to offer your services and advice, please email,


The website has a page with information on donating and donations can be mailed to HoAQ, 7 First St., Winslow Maine 04901

Credit card donations are secure and may be made by the link on the donation page.

To make a holiday donation via the mail please follow link and print-

The Directors of the Heart of America Quilt and all advisors are volunteers. They give freely of their time and knowledge to make this organization work.

Please contact us for In Kind Donations. Every little bit helps. A ream of paper, stamps, fabric. Please call if you have questions.

Services needed- Help with website layout and design, additional legal services, Marketing, Public Relations, Fund Raising.





Here’s a few ways to help unite your community:


  1. Organize a public signing.
  2. Call your local town officials and ask them to sign a panel with your organization.

  4. Have an art contest and let the winner be the designer of your panel.
  5. Invite your neighbors to a gathering and all do a portion of the quilt.
  6. Call your local YMCA and ask them to put one in their lobby.
  7. Take a panel to the mall!
  8. Ask a local event if you can bring a panel and a table.













Heart of America Quilt Incorporated





We’re on the Web!

www. HeartofAmericaQuilt. com

Positions Available-

With the New York Showing approaching fast, we are in need of many volunteers to help make it happen. All positions are on a volunteer basis. When requesting information, please include a brief description of qualifications and/or why you would like to be involved.

Positions Available for NY Showing-

Clean up crew- We will need the park cleaned to set the quilt down and the Parks Dept of NY requires that we clean the park after our event. We will need approximately 15 people for this task.

Set up crew- Set up crew will be in charge of helping to place the quilt down in the park and help with protecting the quilt from harm. That protection will include making sure no one enters the quilt with food or drink and stay near by incase a weather change creates a need to lift and pack the quilt in a hurry. Will require work with security team.

Musical coordinator and performers- Traditional form of National Anthem, God Bless America and other music. May entail working with a small chorus of children. Performers are encouraged to send recordings and list of performances.

Children’s Chorus-Just as it states! Recordings if available. No older than 18. Ability to perform for and audience.

Assistant to Director- Available to be in NY Sept. 07-10 2004. Will need to be able to organize, follow direction and direct. Position will include pre showing correspondence, post showing follow up. Work one on one with Directors in fast paced situation.

Media Relations-Ability to work well with precision. Distribute and follow up to press releases, work with reporters to handle interviews, on site at event to work with HoAQ and media.


A Holiday Greeting…..

Seasons Greetings

On Behalf of the Directors, Officers, our families and all those involved with the Heart of America Quilt, we wish to extend to you a greeting of joy, hope and all the miracles that make this season so wonderful. Our country gleaming from coast to coast with the differences that make us whole, our spirit of caring and our ever shinning flame of pride makes this holiday season everlasting. May the magic of the holidays, follow you the whole year through.



Future Plans

New York is in the Works!-We have filed with the State of NY Parks Department for our Permit to show the HoAQ at Union Square Park on Sept. 9th 2004. The excitement of all of us is more than typed word can display! The showing will be free to the public. We are also working for a service in a local hotel. We will need to raise the funds to make this happen for all that have taken part and all in New York City!

We are working to find the best deal and location for the event. If you are interested in being with us in NYC please email At present we are expecting the price to be $350pp for one night, the service and a special reception with Survivors.

We will have more information as the planning progresses. Susan spoke with St. Peter’s Church. This is the church very near to ground zero that was a safe haven. They will be conducting a blessing over the quilt when it visits New York. If you have requests for others to be contacted, please let us know.

Special Thank You

The Freeport Flag Ladies are at it again! They raised another $125 for the NY showing! Thanks ladies, your support and care is a true show of unity!

Also a special thank you to a wonderful group of people. The Boston Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis is working hard to find a cure for MS. While we try to help heal those so affected by 9/11, these people are trying to find a cure for MS. Please visit their site. They have Great pictures of those involved, amazing information about the leaps scientist have taken and a way to donate so you can help the effort. We know that so many people have been touched by 9/11. Our guess here at HoAQ is that each person that gets this newsletter knows someone that has been touched by MS. Thank you Boston Cure Project for all you do!


To Shari Roat for singing for her Country!

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact us. Heart of America Quilt Incorporated 7 First St. Winslow Maine 04901 is our mailing address. At this time there is no public visiting time. For email, please contact and you can always visit our website at

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Over the past two years we have met some of the kindest people in America! As always, unity and sharing with you about them is how we all keep doing the things that make this country so great! Check out these links for friends of the HoAQ:


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