February 2002 Newsletter
Hello all,

I hope this letter finds you all well. I have so much to tell you all this month. First on the list is the showing. The showing was great in many ways but not so good in others. We were joined by many wonderful organizations and I had the chance to meet the most wonderful people. I would love to tell you about each of them and how they are helping this great world of ours but I'm sure you all can imagine. My heart warms with the thought of them all. We didn't have a good turn out of viewers. After speaking with some people around town, we found that people expected it to be on display all week and that a weekend would be a much better time. Well we learned a lot but I wish we could have done more for all the vendors that joined us. They all did so much and gave so gracious, their time, kind words, and support. The United States Post Office is putting the quilt in a publication that goes out to 70,000 postal workers. This should be very helpful in adding to the quilt. Also a story is being submitted to People Magazine.

The media covered us from tip to tip. Three News stations, 4 news papers and I hear that a paper in Long Island New York may do a story on the square done down there! Please when you call or write the media give them the web address and the phone number. This helps us get more schools and communities involved. We are waiting to hear from 6 new states. While waiting we have gained Canada and Australia. Yes we are now international. You guys are still awe amazing me! The Governor of Maine signed and George Manlove of the Kennebec Business monthly got a great picture. We'll be adding it to the web site soon. We've added a picture of the quilt to the quilt page on the web site. I gotta tell you, when all was said and done, everyone was gone, I felt like I had failed because I didn't get enough people to see the quilt. I didn't get people to see the other vendors, to get their word out. But I climbed the bleachers to the top and looked down. The squares were filled with chidren's names, fireman and rescue, with citizens, hand prints and pictures, badges and medals. The begining of a wonderful flag. A gift from us all to those that need it most. As I wiped the tears from my cheeks I realized that things may not go as planned but success is the unity we have created to honor all that lost their lives. I wish you all could have been there.

OK my story for the month........ I was being told by Jean, our helper and dear friend from Virginia,that the Reston fire dept. would be signing the quilt. How nice I thought. I got the square in the mail along with a calender. The calender had a picture of the Firemen lowering the flag over the pentagon on Sept. 11th. I was thrilled(I love that picture) Then I read the note Jean had attached. That picture that we have all seen, those men, our heroes, they took the time to sign this quilt. Thanks Jean! We have gotten in so many squares, they are all my favorites.

The media asked me if I still cry with every new one I receive. I'm sure you have all guessed the answer to that.......Yes with every one! A few notes I have to add, Catholic Charities of Maine was a wonderful help. Their support and kindness warms me. They helped with News releases and emotional support. Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Kennebec county well this is a plea. I as a small girl was blessed with a big sister. I must say it was a great joy in my life and helped me to be who I am today. There is a waiting list right now. All those kids in New York that lost a parent, they go on the waiting list. They need big brothers and big sisters.

Now I also have great news! Hathaway shirt company and L.L. Bean have offered us help. They are doing squares and have been great with ideas. We have decided to dress all the kids in bean boots and eye patches.ha-ha I feel great honor to have met so many wonderful people. Its so neat this month alone, companies, government, students, communities and churches have all united for this quilt. I can't think of a better gift.

I know this was a long one,there was just so much to tell. Please remember that even as the dust settles we still have a lot to do, tell people, share the web site, and remember it takes everyone of you to make this what it is.

Thank you for all your hard work and the kindness you all share. I'm proud to say I know you all!

Untill next month,


P.S. Bill is working on updating the web site with pictures and links.

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