July 2002 Newsletter
Hope this note finds you all well!

Summer has found Maine with blooming wild flowers and strawberries ripe for picking. I hope you all are enjoying the days of summer.

The Quilt has made booming progress since last months news letter. Many more panels and states have been added. I have been told that a link has been added to the National Honor Society web site. I have had a great month working with students and teachers involved in the NHS. We have even added the largest NHS from Florida. Colleges, schools, companies and communities have been signing on to unite and honor.With community signings on the increase, the response has been e mense. The Quilt made paper, audio and video news this month. We will be adding more news stories to the media page. We are working to get permission to add video as well. The KBM did a wonderful story about the United States Military Academy- Class of 1977 doing a panel, 5 school news papers added stories and pictures, WABI did a great job with helping to get the word out with a news story about the quilt and the local signing done on the 4th of July(was it ever hot!!!). I received a call just yesterday telling me the quilt was being promoted on a radio station as well.

A foundation in Las Vegas Nevada (The In Touch Foundation) has been aggressive in seeking panels for the Quilt. In our neck of the woods people say Kudos to them. I still haven't figured out what a kudo is but I know its good. A special thanks to Donna and her team in Vegas for all their help.

We have been working with local state Reps. and Senators for options with the Quilt. We have one ( Rep. Allen) that did a panel and another (Rep. Baldacci) that is working on one. If any of you would like to have your state Reps. contacted to participate let me know or feel free to e mail them and ask. Its a wonderful experience to work with our elected leaders. I have found them very supportive and excited to help.

My story for the month goes beyond our countries lines. Just the other day I received a batch of panels in the mail. I always feel like its the quilts birthday! The panels with art and sayings, I was so moved by each. One package was not from the USPS. It was from Newfoundland. The panel itself is moving. The unity they have given, to become a part of. There was a note attached that described their experience on Sept.11th 2001. As a school their doors closed. They reopened as a "hotel" of sorts. They opened their doors to stranded travelers from around the world. " by 5 A.M. on Sept. 12th almost 600 stranded airline passengers from all over the world had found a place to sleep in our school" the note says. Their staff and 400 students tended the "inn". They were refered to as "Holy Heart Hotel" by many visitors. The note says how it brought them closer together. And even after all they had already done, they found it in their hearts to unite with us to honor. Over the past months I have told you all stories of neighbors, survivors, heroes, children and new friends. This month my story Celebrates neighbors in a greater sense. The world was touched on Sept. 11th. It seems so big to write it. But its true. I gasped for breath on Sept. 11th, as did you, and the Quilts new friends in Newfoundland and every other person I have met. When I sit back and think of the huge impact this project has made, the far reaches of countries some of us have never been, I feel a great sense of pride in our children. I feel a great sense of pride in ever person that has touched this quilt. Its easy to sit here at my desk in Winslow Maine and tell you what a great country we have. I am a true believer. I am blessed to meet people from all over it, every corner every day. When I tell you what a great world we have, it sets me back in an enormous way. As I write to you I have been told we are expecting panels from Italy, UK, and Scotland. We have received signatures from South Africa, Ireland, England and Scotland. We have already received panels from Quebec, Newfoundland and are awaiting Vancouver, Germany and Australia. When you add that with the tens of thousands of people from across America that have signed........... WOW. Some days I wonder if this flag we're making can get anymore powerful. Then in comes another story, another signature, another piece of art, another person to unite with us to make this the most precious flag ever.

Some of you may have noticed a few more email addresses on the web site. Due to the number of emails we have received lately we have had to add them to help with handling all in a timely manner. All emails written to this address will go directly to me and I will get back to each of you as soon as I can. Belinda, a dear friend of the quilts in CA. is always teasing about my quick response, well coffee willing I still will! A special thanks to my 4th of July volunteers, Stacy, Paul and Ron. I'm not sure what I would have done without you!

We have set up for a picture day. The quilt is getting so big that when I tell people the space we need, they look at me and just shake there head. So we found a space big enough and will be doing the shoot in a few weeks. Thank you all for your patience. We will do individual panels and a shot of how big it is as of now. I'm so excited! I see your hard work every day. Every day it moves me, many days to joyous tears. But when all that is put together, every panel layed side by side, the power of the unity is far from words I can write to you. I'm still waiting for word about this Sept. 11th showing and I'll let you all know as soon as I know.

Keep those panels comming in. I Just got an email from Tamera at the Pentagon, she is well and the office is passing their panel all over! Kevin with NYFD called to ask if he can get firedepts from all over the city to sign(geeez these people are too great!) It still amazes me how those we honor are helping so much! It always makes me want to do more for them. Welcome to all those that signed on this month and thanks to all who have gotten their panels here already. I will have a count for you next month. Please keep the panels comming! I know no one will be hurt if we topple our expectaton of 1 acre. This is as big as WE make it! I'm willing with your help!

We have public signings in the works for Aug. and did two last month here in Maine. The community support is engulfing. It is moving to watch each person sign with such intense percision. On July 4th a woman asked if she could sign her Doctors name. I must have had a look of question on my face. She offered the explination saying he had died on the second plane that crashed into the towers. I smiled and gave her a pen to sign with. I thanked her for sharing with me and thanked her for adding his name, from all of us.

Still there are some States we don't have involved. I hate to name names but!!!!!!!!!!! Heres the list and let see if we can't have them all by next month. It will be great to write our President and tell him ALL of the UNITED states are involved.

Hawaii, Alaska, Kansas, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah (little birdy told me we might have this state) and West Virginia.

Thank you all so much for your hard work, kind words and dediction. You all keep me going! If I can help you in any way let me know.

Joy to you all,


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