June 2004 Newsletter
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HoAQ Newsletter

"The Heart of America Quilt is dedicated to honor those affected by 9/11- in conjunction with educating children on current events, history and community service for a more enlightened world"

June, 2004

Volume 3, Number 4



"One day, the life we live, will be a history lesson to the children."






We are uniting our country and educating our children on working together to better their country and their world. Our success depends on:

  • Great people like YOU
  • Donations
  • A continued show of unity

Staying in Touch

I hope this note finds you all well. Maine is warm and the butterflies are swirling with their beauty abound. Like the art and signature filled panels spreading their beauty of unity.

Invites for our New York event speakers have begun to be sent and the musical talents are lining up. The showing will take place September 8-11th 2004 at the Intrepid Sea- Air- Space Museum. www.intrepidmuseum.org Our event will take place the 11th from 2-4pm with a pre show at noon. Tickets for the event can be purchased by emailing us at hoaq@gwi.net or by using the link to donate on our website. Make sure to send your address so we can send you your tickets. Ticket prices are $25. VIP pre show tickets are $50 and $10 from each ticket is donated to free tickets for Families and Survivors. Reservation is required and tickets will not be sold after August 27th 2004.

On October 3rd 2004 the quilt will be in New Mexico at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta ® www.aibf.org/ . What a sight to think of Balloons in the Air, looking down on this wonderful quilt that you all have created.

We have had a few set backs this month due to mail server problems. Please email us at hoaq@gwi.net until we resolve these problems. Thank you.

I tell everyone about your dedication and commitment to a country working together. I will be the first to say that the Heart of America Quilt is blessed with having the greatest people in the WORLD taking part.



Heart of America Quilt Incorporated is a national non profit corporation under IRS code 501(c)3

The Directors of the Heart of America Quilt: Susan Morissette, Co-Founder Colonel K Steven Collier, US Army Retired Tamera Selhaver, Survivor, G1 Pentagon Jean Rosenbluth, Business Manager, Automotive Systems Analysis


Donations – Please Help!

The Heart of America Quilt is run by an all volunteer body. We need your donations to keep it going. We have created a great form of living history that needs donations for preservation at the least. Every donation counts. $1, $5, $25. Please help us preserve all this hard work.

The website has a page with information on donating http://www.HeartofAmericaQuilt.com/donation.htm and donations can be mailed to HoAQ, 7 First St., Winslow Maine 04901

Please contact us for In Kind Donations. Every little bit helps. A ream of paper, stamps, fabric, office equipment. Please call if you have questions.

Services needed- Help with website layout and design, additional legal services, Marketing, Public Relations, Fund Raising.






Here’s a few ways to help unite your community:


  1. Organize a public signing.
  2. Call your local town officials and ask them to sign a panel with your organization.

  4. Have an art contest and let the winner be the designer of your panel.
  5. Invite your neighbors to a gathering and all do a portion of the quilt.
  6. Collect food and clothes for your local shelter while you do a signing.
  7. Take a panel to the mall!
  8. Ask a local event if you can bring a panel and a table.
  9. Take a panel to work!













Heart of America Quilt Incorporated




E-mail: hoaq@gwi.net


We’re on the Web!

www. HeartofAmericaQuilt. com

Positions Available-We need YOU!

With the New York Showing approaching fast, we are in need of many volunteers to help make it happen. All positions are on a volunteer basis. When requesting information, please include a brief description of qualifications and/or why you would like to be involved.

Positions Available for NY Showing-

Musical coordinator- A wonderful person that can work with our performers for the NY event.

Children’s Chorus-Just as it states!

Media Relations- Distribute and follow up to press releases, work with reporters to handle interviews, on site at event to work with HoAQ and media.

Assistant (can be done from any state) - Make follow up calls and help with planning. Organize, and keep record of invitations and replies.

Volunteer leader- Help in organizing all volunteers to make sure all jobs are covered and assigned.

Volunteers- the heart of our organization, the very people that make it work!

Ticket Manager- Person to record all tickets sold and reservations.

Committee members- To help with planning and organization.

Political liaison- Work directly with Political Staffers on timing and needs.

Fundraisers- We need your help to get the funds to make it all possible!


Future Plans

Special Thank You

Thank you to some of our musical performers for the New York Event! Selfish Steam, Daniel Lemaster, and Shari Roat. Thank you for donating your time and talents to the Heart of America Quilt!


Special Kudos this month to those that teach our children, protect our communities and our freedom.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact us. Heart of America Quilt Incorporated 7 First St. Winslow Maine 04901 is our mailing address. At this time there is no public visiting time. For email, please contact hoaq@gwi.net and you can always visit our website at www.HeartofAmericaQuilt.com

Web Links:

Over the past two years we have met some of the kindest people in America! As always, unity and sharing with you about them is how we all keep doing the things that make this country so great! Check out these links for friends of the HoAQ:








Also check out our site for a few more!

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