March 2002 Newsletter
I hope this letter finds you all well.

We've been very busy this month. The quilt has added new states(we're up to 21 states) and thousands of names. Panels in Canada, Australia and I just found out Germany is working on one. I must say there is a great pride when I pull out the panels to show them. The pictures are great. I received a picture from Long Island NY along with two panels. The panels where started by a mother telling her daughter and then this young adult getting the school involved. This family also donated the fabric used in the frame of the quilt.(thanks so much) The pictures fill in the blanks. I get to see the wonderful people that are uniting to honor. Everything you send me will be added to a scrap book that will always be with the quilt. This will allow the victims families and the survivors a chance to see too.

The Kennebec Business Journal did a wonderful story about the showing and the quilt. They even put a picture in with Gov. Angus King signing. We hope to get it on the web site soon. Also we received a great boost from the National Catholic Education Association. They put a piece in their news letter about the quilt. The web site is being viewed an average of 100 times a day right now and I am signing schools up daily. If any one knows of other associations that may be willing to do the same please let me know or send them an email. I just got an e mail from the NEA today. They will consider our project. Anyway we can get the word to the schools is helpful.

My story for the month is one of my first contact with a survivor. I must confess that even as time slides by, my tears do not lesson. This wonderful woman was one of only 3 who survived in her company at the Pentagon. She told me how she was trying to get to a tv set to see the news, she was unable to do to distractions. All those who were at that t.v. on sept. 11th are gone.(please keep them in your thoughts and prayers) She said she feels bad because she hasn't been DOING. I assured her that it was our job to do and hers to heal. I know she heard me but still she moves forward and has held her hand out to help us.(unbelievable hu?) I know we can never know the pain. In a sad way there is gratefulness that is unexplainable. In the work we have done so far, we have created a gift that will "warm" those that view it. Our great country uniting to help heal and memorialize for our new friend Tamera, her family, her co-workers and all the others that have fallen victim. It's amazing to me that someone who has been through the most horrific event in recent history has become a part of this quilt. She has helped by sharing with her co-workers and taking part in this creation of unity. When I answer e mails and answer the phone its with a stronger conviction now. I know beyond a shadow of doubt that this quilt, all the work you've all done, all the unity you have experienced and choosen to give, is helping in a wonderful way. I have assured Tamera that we will never forget.

I have created an invite "pass it on" letter. If anyone would like to help me send it around it would be a great help. It will be an e mail following this one. Time is passing and there are still many that haven't heard.

I thank you all for your help and hard work. My pride in our country and the uniting we have done continues to grow at an astranomical pace. Just when I think I have met all the angels there are, another comes my way. Thank you all for your kind words that seem to energize me even more then my dear coffee cup.

Until next month Joy to you all,


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