May 2002 Newsletter
Hope this letter finds you all well,

Spring is in the air here and we've had a very eventful month. I know of two papers that have done stories on the quilt and two monthly magazine. The Sea Coast Echo of Mississippi did a great story.(page 3) The writer, Bennie, was super and sent pictures via email. Another was The Independent of Montana.(front page)One magazine was The monthly USPS magazine of the north east(part of the feature story) the other was a teachers update in Newfoundland. It feels so good to see OUR creation spreading good news thought our country and other countries. We could all use it. Also a big welcome to the National Montessori Assoc. I hear we may be in a news letter they put out. Way to go everyone! We added some new stuff to the media page. Stories from all over. Let me know if anyone has more to add!

On April 20th 2002 we held a public signing at the kenduskeag stream canoe race in Bangor Maine.(I even got to meet our head volunteer from Va and her family on that day) We are waiting to hear back about another in Waterville Maine that will take place on memorial day. There is a big event in Portland(our largest City) that wants the quilt to be a part of. So we will do a public signing at that event too. I have received many emails about the forth of July and any events we are planning. Some have wanted to take panels to their local events but because of the cut off.... So if anyone would like to do a panel in their community on July 4th- go for it. How could we ever say no. Just let me know so I can post it on the site and plan for those panels. Some Girl Scouts in LA are working with their local library and have displayed a panel that can be signed there. Check out the events page for public signings. If you want to plan one just let me know and I will post it. We are also looking for volunteers to head up each state. Please contact me if you would be interested in representing your state.

We have been getting emails from companies that want to do panels. We will be adding them to the web site as they arrive. Its wonderful to have everyone so interested in Uniting. We are also receiving panels in the mail that I didn't know were even being worked on. My heart sings with everyone we get. We're up to 29 states that I know of. I will be doing some work getting the heart land involved! We still have 21 to go! I know we'll do it. Heck look what you've all done so far! Yes still I cry with each one. The work that goes into each panel, and the names, everyone touches my heart. Still prouder then each day before I know we are making the most precious of flags.

My story this month is retro. When the first story about the quilt hit the papers on Sept. 14th, I received a call from a woman saying her granddaughter wanted to stop by my house with some fabric for the quilt. I was so grateful. When the girl got here I was told the whole story. She was around 9 years old. With the face of innocence. It was her birthday. She had been given a box of fabric from her great grandmother. It was a gift she had been wanting for many years. The fabric had a special meaning to her. She chose for it to be a part of this quilt. I hugged this sweet child, more for the love in her heart then the fabric she had given. "This will make them feel better right?" She said with question. I told her what she was doing would make a lot of people feel better. Then her grandmother told her she needed to get back to her party. At that moment my heart skipped. This dear girl had left her birthday party to bring the fabric here. Her grandmother said she had friends and family waiting for her. I hugged her again, looked deep in her eyes and told her she was a special person. My word it still chokes me up. This child had enough light in her heart to brighten the darkest of all nights. So when I think I need a break, or I just don't have time to do that little bit more, I think of how this little angel left her birthday party to give to those in need.

Well I truly hope your enjoying sunshine and the renewal of spring. Next month I hope to have an updated picture of how big the quilt is getting and more photos of new panels. I'm working on a showing with some help from our VA helper, I'll keep you all posted. Thanks so much for all your hard work and the care you all put into each panel.



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