September 2003 Newsletter
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HoAQ Newsletter

September 2003

Volume 2, Number 3



"A thought of uniting is nice. Putting motion to that thought can heal and bring together a nation"







We are uniting our country as a great show of honor. Our success depends on:

  • Great people like YOU
  • Donations
  • A continued show of unity

Staying in Touch

I hope this note finds you all well. Once again the weather in Maine has begun to chill and the leaves are changing to brilliant colors of fall. I write to you from my desk tonight with an excitement about the planning of the New York Showing. I have had contact with a few people and organizations in New York and have found their sentiments to be that of encouragement and invite. Yes it is near a year away, but this is New York and we have been working for this day for two years already. There is so much work ahead for us as we plan a showing and a service. We will be inviting people from all over the world. I will soon have more facts to share with you and a definitive location for those of you that would like to come and take part. I will pack up each panel and proudly take it to where it will do a great service to many people. Remembering why and who, is always energizing. Without each and everyone of you that have taken part, we would not have this awesome show of oneness. I look so forward to serving the quilt on this showing and sharing stories of you all. Knowing that among the guests will be families and survivors, Firemen and Armed Forces, many that have been so affected by 9/11, reminds me of the day this all started, the dream to take a small quilt from Maine to New York. In September 2004 we will take much more than a small quilt to New York, We will take a gift "Of the People, By the People, For the People". As always thank you so much for your kind words and continued support!



Incorporation status

Heart of America Quilt Incorporated is a corporation in the state of Maine. We are a non profit public entity. At present we have filed for 501(c) 3 status. They have received the papers and we await our approval.

The Directors of the Heart of America Quilt: Susan Morissette, Co-Founder Colonel Steve Collier, US Army retired Tamera Selhaver, Survivor, G1 Pentagon Honorary, Jean Rosenbluth, Business Manager, Automotive Systems Analysis

An advisors list is being compiled. For more information or to offer your services and advice, please email,


The website has a page with information on donating and donations can be mailed to HoAQ, 7 First St., Winslow Maine 04901




Here’s a few ways to help unite your community:


  1. Organize a public signing to take place on Make a Difference Day.
  2. Call your local town officials and ask them to sign a panel with your organization.

  4. Have an art contest and let the winner be the designer of your panel.
  5. Invite your neighbors to a gathering and all do a portion of the quilt.
  6. Call your local YMCA and ask them to put one in their lobby.
  7. Take a panel to the mall!
  8. Ask a local event if you can bring a panel and a table.













Heart of America Quilt Incorporated





We’re on the Web!

www. HeartofAmericaQuilt. com

In Kind Needs

An in kind donation is anyone making a donation of product or service. That may be a donation of office supplies, expert consultation, fabric, equipment, anything a business needs to conduct its business. Anyone who is willing to donate their service, product or time would be much appreciated. Our present needs are that of a grant writing advisor and marketing development. We also need help with volunteers from New York city! Please help us make new contacts in NY so we can make this a GREAT show of UNITY!

The people we meet…..

This month, I was fortunate enough to meet some wonderful people at the Freeport Freedom Festival. The community was amazed at all the hard work you all have done. One of the great gifts of the work I do with the quilt comes with being able to see the amazement and emotion from people that see the quilt. What an honor you all have trusted us with! The Freeport flag wavers have just conducted a rummage sale and is making a donation to the quilt with the funds they earned! Thanks ladies. It is a wonderful start to the funding needed to take the HoAQ to New York!

I also have to tell you all that one of my great fears all my life has been flying. People seem to think it’s because of 9/11. But the truth is, I have always been that way. There is just something about being so high in the air! I have flown this year, more than I have ever flown in my life. This month a special thank you to the people that have to endure a flight with me telling about the quilt, all the panels, the stories and the people behind it all. From the Maine Lobsterman, the Air traffic Controller (affirming each bump was normal), The Retired Marine that placed a pin on my jacket and shared with me about his family. I felt as if I had earned an award as he gave me the pin, the Chief of Staff for a US Senator that at 6:45am in the morning endured more than any, the company district Manager that had tears in his eyes, the gentleman from NY who lives in California and was going home the LONG way. To all of them and the many more, a special thank you to you all for lending your arm on descend!

Future Plans

Make a Difference Day-The last Sat. of October is Make a Difference Day sponsored by USA Today. It’s a day to gather together as one of the largest volunteer days of the year. For two years we have celebrated this great show of community action by asking you all to do community panels. Call the Mayor, the school, the YMCA, grab a few friends and head to the mall! Call the media and let them know, or email us for a press release. Then send in pictures and news articles for us to add to the information we send to Make a Difference Day. For those that take part, the Heart of America Quilt will judge those entered and the winner will receive a calendar for 2004 with their pictures and picture of the HoAQ in it! All entries will be sent to the Make a Difference Day for their judging! Please let us know if you will be taking part so we can add you to the Make a Difference Day website!

New York is in the Works!-We have filed with the State of NY Parks Department for our Permit to show the HoAQ at Union Square Park on Sept. 9th 2004. The excitement of all of us is more than typed word can display! The showing will be free to the public. We are also working for a service for the following night in a local hotel. We will need to raise the funds to make this happen for all that have taken part and all in New York City! We will have more information as the planning progresses. We have been told we can expect an answer from the Parks Department By mid. November. Susan spoke with St. Peter’s Church. This is the church very near to ground zero that was a safe haven and was untouched by debris. They will be conducting a blessing over the quilt when it visits New York. If you have requests for others to be contacted, please let us know.

Special Thank You

A special thank you to those special friends of the Heart of America Quilt that have offered their expertise to our board of advisors! How could we ever survive with out your wisdom!

Also To Dr. Keith Taylor Executive Director of Modest Needs for all he does for those in need.

To the Freeport Maine Ladies and the Bayshore Patriots for waving their flags for the world to see!


To Shari Roat for singing for her Country!

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact us. Heart of America Quilt Incorporated 7 First St. Winslow Maine 04901 is our mailing address. At this time there is no public visiting time. For email, please contact and you can always visit our website at

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Over the past two years we have met some of the kindest people in America! As always, unity and sharing with you about them is how we all keep doing the things that make this country so great! Check out these links for friends of the HoAQ:


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