Susan Morissette

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Topics Include

 Unity Awareness/Patriotism-It's not just a national issue
 Leadership at New Levels
 Keynotes
 Motivational Seminars


Through her words and actions, Susan Morissette can be described as "dynamic energetic inspiration." Embarking on an ambitious journey to unite a divided country, Susan has delivered many motivational programs that inspire her audiences to look beyond a person's self to understand and appreciate one's capabilities. By sharing her personal experiences with humor, and encouraging questions that can help positively shape an understanding of people, Susan tries to instill a sense of hope, energy, and inspiration that motivates her audiences to realize their own goals and dreams.

Starting her public speaking career when she was just twelve years old, Susan has since delivered her wit, energy and positive reflection with thousands of children and professionals around the country. With this solid 23 years of speaking experience at schools, businesses, and conventions, Susan has delivered keynotes to professionals in the education, public forum, business professional, military, first responders and human services fields. Her interactive speeches focus upon working together, showing gratitude for each aspect of our society.

Susan founded the Heart of America Quilt with her family on Sept. 13th 2001. She currently works as full time volunteer president for Heart of America Quilt Incorporated. Before her work with the Heart of America Quilt she spent 10 years in the field of sociology with a strong background in communications and public relations. She has served her community as a member of the personnel appeals board for Winslow Maine during the past 6 years. Her work with the Heart of America Quilt was nationaly recognized by the Point of Light Foundation when they honored her as a National Daily Point of Light. Raised in Bangor Maine, she now resides in Winslow Maine with her 4 young children and husband of 10 years. While continuing to work with the Quilt, Susan has begun research on a book to include many aspects of the workings of the Heart of America Quilt and the country as a whole. Susan inspires others to follow their dreams with positive humouruse light.

Her life experiences are a true testament to the unrelenting power of courage and unconditional love, shared through her experiences and feelings of patriotism, reflection, humor, joy, and, ultimately, triumph. Let Susan help your audience understand that the only real handicaps we have are those we create for ourselves and how working together is the only way to make a greater good.

Program Titles

 Able to leap small buildings (45-minute or 90-minute keynote address)
 Uniting for Success: Motivation, and a Winning Attitude for groups!
 Enhancing Team Development and Communication: (half-day workshop or keynote address)

To arrange a workshop or speaking engagement, contact Susan directly by phone or email:

(207) 873-3573